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CSIRT workshop at APAN44

Cyber threats have no borders – they are consistent around the world and global attacks can occur in seconds. Therefore, cyber security is becoming equally borderless. It has long been agreed that complex problems can be solved faster and more effectively when CSIRTs (computer security incident response teams) collaborate and share information nationally and internationally.

Expert meetings, such as GÉANT TF-CSIRT, are extremely popular, always reaching full capacity three times a year. Likewise, TRANSITS trainings’ waiting lists start building up a few months prior to the actual sessions. The need for similar events outside Europe is becoming quite evident too.

40 participants from 13 countries representing 34 organisations attended the CSIRT workshop at APAN44 in Dalian, China, organised by GÉANT jointly with APNIC. A two-day CSIRT workshop was split into an information and experience-sharing meeting and a training session – based on the Organisational TRANSITS module – dedicated to new CSIRT teams. The event was funded by Asi@Connect. During the workshop the GÉANT Community Programme was featured as a reference model demonstrating how security related topics can fit into the wider picture of community needs.

The participants represented various organisations, including NRENs, universities, government departments and supercomputing centres. Throughout two days, the attendees expressed a clear necessity for trust building and collaboration in the region, providing positive feedback and requesting that similar events are organised at APAN in the future.

Sharing information, experience and knowledge amongst CSIRTs is very valuable. Strengthening links between organisations, countries and continents and including previously lesser represented regions contribute to the creation of a truly borderless cyber security world.

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