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ownCloud and AARNet present intelligent solution for the management of research data

The open source file sharing specialist ownCloud and the Australian research and education network AARNet are presenting a jointly developed solution, building on AARNet’s existing CloudStor research data management system, at the ownCloud booth at TNC18 in Trondheim.

The solution allows researchers to collect their data at a central repository and to organise and aggregate these data intelligently. In this way, ownCloud and AARNet are making it easier for researchers to collaborate, in an era when cross-border and barrier-free access to all data is becoming increasingly important.

New technologies driving digitisation have resulted in the collection of more and more data and the true value of these data can only be revealed through combining them intelligently. Many of the difficulties encountered by researchers utilising these large amounts of data lie, again and again, with the different and typically incompatible systems currently in use for collecting the data. ownCloud offers a solution to this problem by enabling the simple organisation of these different data sources via a common interface.

“The way we used to think of storage services as passive pool of data is outdated. The magic is when you are the datahub of ongoing research projects,” emphasises Guido Aben, Director of E-Research at AARNet, in the run-up to the event.

Interested delegates are invited to visit the ownCloud stand at TNC18 and get a closer look at the CloudStor solution.


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