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What do we know about an IP address?

When a packet reaches our network, the first thing we see is where the IP address packet originates from. And we make decisions based on that IP address. In this RIPE NCC article, Ólafur Guðmundsson will explain what these decisions… Continue Reading →

The tale of website popularity rankings: an extensive analysis

How reliable are website popularity rankings like the Alexa top one million that many of us use in our research? The authors of this RIPE NCC blog analysed four ranking lists and discovered the impact they have on research results… Continue Reading →

What do we do with e-waste?

Headlines are raising awareness about the plastic soup that’s clogging up our oceans but there’s another problem much closer to home: e-waste (aka ‘dead electronics’). E-waste is a massive contributor to environmental pollution globally. RIPE NCC wants to keep the… Continue Reading →

How we’re migrating our configuration management system

At the RIPE NCC we are migrating our configuration management system to a mixed solution using Salt and Ansible. This RIPE Labs article describes the issues we were facing with the old system and the selection of a new platform…. Continue Reading →

IPv6 addresses, security and privacy

According to Google’s statistics, between 17.5% and 21.4% of their web traffic is served over IPv6, though IPv6 usage varies significantly among different countries. The principle driver for adopting this new Internet Protocol version is its predecessor’s shortage of addresses…. Continue Reading →

TNC17 – some impressions from RIPE NCC

RIPE NCC is at TNC17 and sharing some impressions from the conference on the RIPE Labs blog. So far day 1 and day 2: Network measurements, a great set of lightning talks and the Lindy effect. Submitted by MirjamClick here… Continue Reading →

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