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Arne Vollertsen

Europe is ageing! And so what?

Luckily, we are all living longer, and the societies we live in need to adjust accordingly: In the 21st century, age is becoming one of our grand challenges, both individually and structurally. EU politicians realised all that about 20 years… Continue Reading →

Digital archaeology drives citizen science

The Horizon 2020-funded ARIADNEplus project successfully integrates archaeological repositories across Europe; to date about two million datasets have been catalogued which are searchable via a dedicated portal, accessible to researchers as well as amateur archaeologists, thus making citizen science a… Continue Reading →

Fighting cybercrime in the research and education sector

Universities are attractive targets for threat actors interested in obtaining intellectual property. In addition to being more difficult to secure than heavily regulated finance or healthcare organisations, universities are known to develop cutting-edge research and attract global researchers and students…. Continue Reading →

Tracking cuckoos from space – building the Animal Internet

The Animal Internet: “decoding the intelligence of global animal behaviour”, to help protect animals and humans. Scientists describe it as a quantum leap for ecology and behavioural science, similar to what happened in genetics in the mid-90’s with the launch… Continue Reading →

Why should weather forecasts be presented by ‘official’ weather stations only?

Observations from the ‘Internet of things’, such as intelligent cars, phones, buildings and personal weather stations could be added to the mix, to provide even more detailed information on local to hyper-local meteorological phenomena. That is exactly what the Nordic… Continue Reading →

Norse mythology inspires robust approach to securing digital infrastructure in Sweden

Today most parts of Sweden’s digital crisis infrastructure are physically located in Stockholm. Such centralisation makes the infrastructure vulnerable to attacks, specifically in case of war. This is why the Swedish research and education network SUNET has teamed up with… Continue Reading →

Building expertise for a new era of online artistic collaboration

Although an hour’s flight away from each other, Master students at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim can play music, have discussions, and socialise in near-to real time. Thanks to Norway’s R&E network… Continue Reading →

Pinpointing air pollution from space

For the first time, air pollution from individual cities and built-up areas can be detected from space. The new service, that pinpoints sources of pollution precisely and analyses global pollutant distributions, is based on measurements from the European Sentinel-5 Precursor Earth observation… Continue Reading →

Teaching researchers to write better code

As research becomes increasingly data driven, more and more researchers start to develop tailor-made software for their research projects. However, only few of them are trained coders, and this is where the CodeRefinery project comes in: it sets out to… Continue Reading →

Grow food, grow jobs: how broadband can boost farming in California’s Central Valley

California’s Central Valley produces over one-third of the nation’s vegetables, two-thirds of its fruit and nuts, and contributes billions of dollars annually to the Californian economy. Unfortunately, many of California’s farming communities still lack reliable broadband internet access. This prevents… Continue Reading →

Casting your digital vote with Zeus

What if conditions are such that traditional elections cannot take place? Enters Zeus – an internet voting platform, developed by GRNET, in which all the steps of the voting process can be verified using well-established mathematical tools. It has been… Continue Reading →

How science engagers fight the ”Sneaker Net”

Are you familiar with the term Sneaker Net? If not, here is what it means: if the amount of the data you need to transfer is so large that it exceeds the capability of your computer network, you have to… Continue Reading →

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