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MetaCentrum Cloud is published in EOSC Marketplace

MetaCentrum Cloud is published in EOSC Marketplace. The service provides an infrastructure as a service for scientific users, working in international projects supported by e-INFRA CZ. It provides an easy-to-use admin web interface and a programmable API for managing virtual machines, networks,… Continue Reading →

A library in your palm – software training supports e-publication

A huge library in the palm of your hand… Sounds fantastic? No, it is a reality! Perhaps a lot of people know the situation when a rare book, article or guide is needed but the day is over and the… Continue Reading →

New US patent of CESNET and FIT CTU for compression using dispersion tables

CESNET Association and the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague have obtained a US patent for their invention of a system for implementation of a hash table. This invention allows effective implementation of fast compression… Continue Reading →

Last chance to apply for RACI

The deadline to apply for RACI (The RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative) is coming soon – 7 August, hard deadline. The selected academics (students, PhDs, postdocs, professors) receive complimentary tickets, travel and accommodation to our meetings and the opportunity to present… Continue Reading →

Three Czech e-infrastructures unite under the project e-INFRA CZ

The CESNET Association, Masaryk University and VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava have applied for a joint project for establishing an upgraded national research e-infrastructure e-INFRA CZ. The main components of e-INFRA CZ include: national communications infrastructure, national grid and… Continue Reading →

Australian researchers collaborate to model effects of climate change on biodiversity

The Biodiversity Climate Change Virtual Lab (BCCVL) is one of the most accessed services via the Australian Access Federation (AAF), the national provider for federated single sign-on. BCCVL’s almost 4000 registered users originate from around the world, including Australian universities,… Continue Reading →

Zettabytes need big, big Data Center Interconnect

It’s difficult for the mind to grasp just how much data is present in data centers and in-flight globally. IDC offers an interesting study that pegs the global datasphere at 33 zettabytes in 2018, growing to 175 zettabytes by 2025. Data is… Continue Reading →

New SURFconext information screen improves transparency

SURF believes it is important for users to be well informed about the personal data shared with services through SURFconext. That is why users who visit a new service for the first time on SURFconext are shown an information screen…. Continue Reading →

The Vietsch Foundation awards the 2019 medal of honour to Claudio Allocchio

The Vietsch Foundation awards the 2019 medal of honour to Claudio Allocchio, senior technical officer for advanced applications and security areas at GARR, the Italian Research and Education Network. Submitted by John DyerClick here to read the full article

Visit Xantaro at TNC19 to find out how to deliver your future network

XANTARO FRAMEWORK AGREEMENTS. CONVENIENTLY DELIVERING NETWORKS. Xantaro a silver sponsor @TNC19 in Tallinn, Estonia, provides NRENs with a seamless supply of Corsa and Juniper Networks solutions via the GEANT Framework Agreements. R&E network infrastructures As a major infrastructure provider for… Continue Reading →

Cloud security part 10 – identity management in Microsoft Azure

A new post on cloud security from the GEANT Cloud Team has been published, focusing on Microsoft Azure and the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) identity management. This document addresses another important aspect of cloud security – identity management. While… Continue Reading →

Apply for the RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI)

The RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) is again looking for talented academics in the field of internet technology. Successful applicants receive complimentary tickets, travel and accommodation to our meetings and the opportunity to present their research. Submit draft slides and… Continue Reading →

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