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Prague 1848 → 1918 exhibition offers unique 3D models

An exhibition prepared by the City of Prague Museum includes a web line named The Objects of Praguers around 1900. This is a presentation of the museum’s collection items in the form of 3D models created by CESNET experts. It… Continue Reading →

CESNET e-infrastructure conference

More than 350 participants came to see not only lectures but also technological demonstrations at CESNET’s two-day e-Infrastructure Conference, which was held last week. In the plenary session we have invited two foreign speakers – Andres Dudler from Switch and… Continue Reading →

CESNET’s experts have published a book about Cybersecurity

The book ‘CyberSecurity’ deals with cybersecurity over the course of five hundred pages. The premise is the principles that should be followed by anyone who uses information and communication technologies. The book’s primary author is Jan Kolouch, a specialist in… Continue Reading →

SURFconext in 2018: another record year

SURFconext, the authorisation and authentication tool, has again grown considerably in 2018. With 118 million authorisations, the total number of logins via the service was 30% higher than in 2017. The number of unique users also rose by 15% in… Continue Reading →

CESNET evaluated as an excellent research organisation

The CESNET Association achieved the highest possible ‘A’ score in the evaluation of research organisations within the competence of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with the exception of universities. The evaluation states an indisputable innovation potential, excellent results… Continue Reading →

eduroam on 12 train stations in Czech Republic

Twelve Czech railway stations are covered by eduroam, which provides students, teachers or scientists with free WiFi internet access. Users can now connect to eduroam in 850+ locations in the Czech Republic and more than 25,000 locations in 101 countries… Continue Reading →

‘Creating the Future’, inspired by space: planet Earth – Belarus – Minsk

More than 80 cosmonauts and astronauts from 20 countries met with youngsters and members of the public in Minsk, Belarus, during the XXXI Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE), supported by the United Institute of Informatics Problems… Continue Reading →

#TNC18 experience: stories from a TNC newcomer

From Nigeria to Norway – Read all about the Lightning Talk experience at TNC18 by a newcomer. The story portrays the need to be open to experiencing new opportunities despite the challenges. It is a story of one Nigerian’s desire… Continue Reading →

CESNET presents unique 8K video transmission technology at the international trade fair Inter BEE 2018

At the prestigious international trade fair Inter BEE 2018 in Tokyo, the CESNET association and intoPIX presented a technology for transmission of video at 8K resolution, which is 7680 x 4320 pixels. No comparable solution is available on the market…. Continue Reading →

Ordering and reading with eStudybooks is easy and safe with SURFconext

eStudybooks makes digital study books available easily and at a favourable rate. SURFconext helps to provide safe and fast access to the eStudybooks portal. Users can easily order books and have them available anywhere and at any time. eStudybooks: digital… Continue Reading →

RACI applications open for RIPE 78, ENOG 16, MENOG 19 and SEE 8!

The RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) is again looking for talented academics in the field of Internet technology to share their research with the RIPE community at our upcoming meetings. Successful applicants receive complimentary tickets, travel and accommodation. Relevant topics… Continue Reading →

When the Internet goes down: tracking edge outages at scale

Uninterrupted availability of the Internet has become increasingly critical these days, not just for end users but also for service providers who need to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Yet, outages affecting end-user connectivity are widespread, whether they be unintentional… Continue Reading →

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