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Registration opens for 17th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop

17th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop – GLIF 2017 25-27 September 2017 Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney, Australia We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 17th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop which is being hosted by AARNet,… Continue reading →

The MURE project brought together more than 50 videoconference rooms

The Museography in Network project, MURE by its Spanish name, is led by the Cultural Ring of Uruguay, a project attached to the RAU2 network, Uruguay’s NREN. The session, supported by RENATA, RedCUDI, REUNA and RedCLARA, had 50 rooms connected… Continue reading →

Taking it to the limit – testing the performance of R&E networking

One of the big questions often asked of R&E networking is why?  Why, when commercial internet networks are so large, is there still a need for dedicated research networks? Surely organisations can simply buy commercial off-the-shelf network connectivity,with commercial service… Continue reading →

Trust and Identity at I2 Global Summit – Sustainability and Evolution

Authors: Ann Harding (SWITCH), Maarten Kremers (SURFnet) From 23rd-26th of April, over 920 members of the Internet2 community and their global NREN and regional partners such as GÉANT, Ubuntunet and others came together in Washington DC for the Internet2 Global… Continue reading →

Join the Filesender team @TNC17

Filesender will be at TNC17 in Linz and welcomes you to join us for a BoF on Tuesday evening from 18:00 – 19:00. This Birds of a Feather session offers an excellent opportunity to meet others working with or interested… Continue reading →

Dataplane Acceleration Developer Day Europe 2017

The Dataplane Acceleration Developer Day Europe 2017, organised by Open-NFP, will take place on 7 June. The day will be hosted by SURFnet. In a hands-on workshop you will learn step-by-step how to programme a SMART NIC using P4, which… Continue reading →

Access to high-quality ICT infrastructure for research: series on research support at institutions in the Netherlands

Many institutions in the Netherlands are involved in research support. They want to support their researchers in their access to high-quality ICT infrastructure in order to process, analyse, visualise, manage and store research data. Each institution does this in its… Continue reading →

RENATA celebrated 10 years dedicated to the service of science and education in Colombia

All our achievements are thanks to the Colombian institutions that have believed in the national network of research and education of Colombia. RENATA thanks the institutions of the Colombian Government, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, the Ministry of… Continue reading →

The power of human networks to fuel global research and education

The pursuit of new knowledge is a global activity fueled by human curiosity and increasingly enabled by high-capacity broadband research and education networks that criss-cross the globe, according to the International Research and Education Networking panel convened by CENIC at… Continue reading →

The importance of national research and education networks in an era of political change

CENIC 2.0 | The Right Connection – took place in the midst of significant global changes in the political landscape. Those changes have the potential to impact policies affecting national research and education networks. It wasn’t surprising, therefore, that discussion… Continue reading →

AARC’s CILogon pilot helps users to use resources from different infrastructures

Users from one research infrastructure can easily and securely use services from other research infrastructures, the AARC project has shown with its CILogon pilot with ELIXIR. This saves operational costs, makes more efficient use of services, and allows researchers to… Continue reading →

Welcome to the new PeaR

From 2 May PeaR community news will be moving. As the old PeaR server enters a well-deserved retirement, PeaR is moving to its new home, here on the GÉANT community blog site. Members can share news, views and information through… Continue reading →

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