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EOSC-Pillar: mixing national recipes to build the European Open Science Cloud

Leveraging National Initiatives of the EU Member States and Science-driven thematic initiatives to help build an Open Science and FAIR-data based EOSC Officially kicked off on 5 July 2019 in Rome, for the next 3 years, EOSC-Pillar will coordinate national Open… Continue Reading →

Australian researchers collaborate to model effects of climate change on biodiversity

The Biodiversity Climate Change Virtual Lab (BCCVL) is one of the most accessed services via the Australian Access Federation (AAF), the national provider for federated single sign-on. BCCVL’s almost 4000 registered users originate from around the world, including Australian universities,… Continue Reading →

Task Force for Research Engagement Development discusses future activities

The Task Force for Research Engagement Development (​TF-RED) held a workshop with the objective to relaunch the group and discuss the focus of its future activities, the meeting took place at TNC19 in Tallinn last month. The workshop was hosted… Continue Reading →

Armenian weather predictions get help from the Cloud

Extreme weather made headlines again last year. 2018 saw frozen iguanas fall from the trees in Florida, wildfires devastate parts of Sweden, Greece and the US, and snow fall in the Sahara. So, when weather conditions can turn perilous so… Continue Reading →

Connected supercomputers to boost European science and innovation

While Europe provides around 5 per cent of the world’s supercomputing resources, it consumes almost one third of them. To remedy this, the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is investing heavily in new machinery. Recently it announced the funding of three pre-exascale… Continue Reading →

Creating a model of the Sun as a whole

“For too many years, the study of the Sun has been split into internal (i.e., the origin of the solar magnetic field) and external solar physics topics (i.e., the existence of sun spots) with no attention to the complex interplay… Continue Reading →

The CONNECT Interview: Director-General Jean-Eric Paquet, European Commission

Jean-Eric Paquet is Director-General for the European Commission’s DG for Research and Innovation (DG RTD). This European Commission department is responsible for EU policy on research, science and innovation, with a view to help create growth and jobs and tackle… Continue Reading →

Shaping the future of education

Technological advancement offers continuous innovation in research and education. One important challenge of this process is the way in which education is evolving. GÉANT recognises the importance of addressing the needs of students and educators and works closely with the… Continue Reading →

BELLA Team Visits Submarine Cable Factories

Tom Fryer, Head of International Relations at GÉANT, visited the Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) factories, where the EllaLink submarine cable will be manufactured. Tom shared with CONNECT his impressions of the visit. January 2019 saw the start of the construction… Continue Reading →

What do we know about an IP address?

When a packet reaches our network, the first thing we see is where the IP address packet originates from. And we make decisions based on that IP address. In this RIPE NCC article, Ólafur Guðmundsson will explain what these decisions… Continue Reading →

GÉANT and NextGEOSS – enabling access to Earth Observation data through eduTEAMS

The GÉANT Association, the leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education, and NextGEOSS, the European contribution to global earth observation system of systems (GEOSS) and a prominent project of H2020, have… Continue Reading →

Zettabytes need big, big Data Center Interconnect

It’s difficult for the mind to grasp just how much data is present in data centers and in-flight globally. IDC offers an interesting study that pegs the global datasphere at 33 zettabytes in 2018, growing to 175 zettabytes by 2025. Data is… Continue Reading →

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